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Virtual Reality SEXSLAVE

As much as I like to dominate men, as much as I like to be dominated by them. I love the feeling of absolute power just as much as I love to give it completely to another person. Therefore, I agreed to serve as someones sex slave for half a year and obey all his orders so. And it wasnt a play like in 50 Shades of Grey. Felix and I got to know each other on the Internet. It was immediately about sex and he came straight to the point: He was looking for a sex slave, which he could educate at his discretion. I was interested, but careful. Although I had already let myself be dominated by sex more often, never over a longer period of time and never in everyday life. But that was exactly what Felix wanted from me. So that I was in bondage to him not only in bed, but also in normal life. The performance turned me on, but I definitely wanted to get to know Felix before I agreed to such a relationship. We met in a public place, as it is always recommended in such cases, in my favourite bar, where all bartenders know me by name and can intervene in the case of the cases. But my concerns that Felix might be an assaulting guy who likes to rape defenseless girls in dark alleys proved to be completely out of the air. He was a very polite and courteous man, very anxious to keep my limits, handsome and sympathetic. I got a foretaste of what he wanted the same night, in the toilet of the bar where we had met. He took me from behind as he pressed my body against the wall and then kept my panties as a souvenir of me so I was forced to go home without my underpants. It was insanely exciting.

Many women like rough sex

A week later I signed a slave contract that made me his property for six months. From now on he was allowed to do with me what he wanted, in bed as well as in everyday life. If you think of 50 Shades of Grey again, I have to disappoint you again. Felix wasnt a millionaire who let me fly with the helicopter through the whole city just so he could fuck me. But above all, he wasnt a rapist who put his will above mine and blackmailed me if he felt like something else than me. In contrast to Miss Anastasia Steel, I voluntarily went into this dependency. And although I knew what to expect, as I was neither a virgin nor a bloody beginner in this context, Felix always took enough time to address me and my limitations and talk to me when I had concerns about something. He was a really good cathedral. In contrast to Christian Grey, who in my eyes should be taken away all chains and ropes and whips and other equipment, because he is a disrespectful asshole who disregards one of the most important rules of BDSM - namely that of Consent. In the half year that I served Felix, he took very good care of me. He raised me in a better way than humans ever could. He taught me a certain form of respect, not only for him, but also for other people. It was clear that I would now not only represent myself in everyday life, but also him. I was his property. And you treat his property with care, but you also make sure that it works the way it should. So it was about much more than just sex. What excited him wasnt just beating me or fucking me whenever he liked it, but that he had complete power over me in everything I did.

Submissive girls need a strong hand

In a strange way, I liked that. Maybe because before him I was always the riot girl who didnt let anything be forbidden, and I still am today. Or at least Ive been back since I was separated from Felix. All in all it was an exciting experience in which I grew and through which I got to know new sides of myself. Of course sex also played a huge role. I had to be available whenever he wanted. And it turned me on to be so willless. Even if I didnt feel like fucking one day - at the latest when the phone rang and Felix was at the other end of the line, my panties dripped with lust and longing for a fuck with him. I wasnt allowed to masturbate without his permission. Each of my orgasms belonged to him. And God, they were good! If Felix fucked me, then not only for his pleasure, but also for mine. It was important to him that I had as much joy in the matter as he did. When I had behaved naughty in his eyes, he punished me with blows, but he never missed an opportunity to satisfy me and make me come, even when he had long since finished. That I was no longer allowed to touch myself and had to stop my sexual contact with other people was something I gladly accepted compared to what I got.

BDSM is the way to go

We dissolved our relationship after the contractually agreed half year. Very slowly and cautiously, because it can be very difficult to get out of such a (consciously induced) dependence. Anyone who has ever been abandoned knows that. Even if in most cases it is only the power of habit that hurts so much. Felix and I took ourselves enough time to finally get to know each other on an equal footing after the six months of clearly defined power relations and to solve the dependencies we had on each other in this way. And that was a good thing. Why did we not renew the Treaty when everything was so good? Well, half a year is a long time. And even if it was super beautiful and I dont want to miss it, I felt like something new. I had never longed for more freedom with Felix, but I need her. That became particularly clear to me after my relationship with him. I will always remain the girl who is unteachable and who cant be told anything by anyone in everyday life. Above all, not from men. To be a sex slave and to give up all liberties is great. But for me only if I have the possibility to get her back sometime. Felix made both possible for me. And our relationship has become a good friendship that is absolutely equal.

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